We have a collaborative approach to building web and mobile applications.

Our Approach

We develop all applications utilizing a standard five-phase development methodology: Scope, Design, Development, Implementation, and Rollout.

Scope – In the initial phase, we define the primary functionality of the application, set realistic timelines, and discuss the vision.
Design - In the Design Phase, our goal is to move your vision into a tangible, visible product. Once we receive the 'green light’, our team of developers work diligently to create realistic mockups of your website. Utilizing storyboarding, we generate the pages, color palettes, layout, and look and feel.
Development - Once the design is finalized we move into the functionality phase. During the functionality phase our developers are focused on a seamless integration of data and design. Efficiency is the backdrop of most applications, so we use an organic approach to create a dynamic, interactive website.
Implementation - This is the final phase before the launch. During this phase, the developers work closely with you to ensure all additional changes have been implemented, the final mockups have been tested, and the website meets your expectations.
Rollout -Once testing is complete, the final project is delivered and we ensure everything is working correctly the server.
Payment Schedule
Our payment schedule is simple. 10% is due at the start the Design phase, 30% at the start of the Development phase, 30% at the start of the Implementation phase and final 30% is due prior to the launch of the finished application.
*Maintenance - We also provide website maintenance. The maintenance is provided on a quarterly or yearly basis.